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About Purixan™


Mercaptopurine is an integral component of ALL therapy.  Successive clinical trials have demonstrated that mercaptopurine contributes to successful maintenance therapy and improved survival of patients with ALL.  Mercaptopurine was originally approved as a 50 mg tablet in 1953, and since this approval has only been commercially available as a 50 mg tablet.

Because of the age and weight range of children with ALL, a 50 mg tablet is not ideal. Body surface area dosing and dose adjustments are not easily accomplished with the 50 mg tablet.  Tablets are not an ideal dosage form of medication for children less than 6 years.  Ad hoc local formulations compounded in pharmacies are commonly used. Alternatively 50 mg tablets are split to provide children with the desired dose.

Compared to tablets, a suspension offers the advantage of more accurately delivering the desired dose to children with a wide range of weights using a consistent administration schedule.  A suspension will allow more flexibility in adjusting the dose.  A commercially produced suspension is more likely to provide a more consistent dose of 6-mercaptopurine than ad hoc compounded formulations.